Prescribing music
as medicine

The brain responds to music more than any other stimulus.
MediMusic takes a scientific approach to unlock its transformative medical benefits.


MediMusic automatically creates playlists within a couple of clicks that integrate with Spotify. Each is heartrate optimised to reduce anxiety, stress or pain, improve quality of life and streamline healthcare workflow.

State of the Art Platform

MediMusic constantly refines its cloud-hosted service using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This dictates the best playlist content determined by use case and the listener’s personal and physiological data.


We constantly monitor a listener’s physiology and project how their heartrate should respond with our Digital Drip dynamically swapping out playlist tracks to ensure the maximum benefit to the listener.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

With flexible pricing plans and an intuitive interface designed for healthcare practitioners, MediMusic provides an enviable ROI opportunity and full reporting. Contact us for more information.

Learn More

Check out the facts. We have a mix of articles and research around music in healthcare as well as regular blog updates from MediMusic.

If you are an NHS Trust, private hospital, well-being clinic, mental health practitioner, care home owner, dentist or work in any other form of healthcare, contact us to explore how this could work for you.

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