“The results of a joint study between Brunel University and Queen Mary University reviewed evidence from 7,000 patients that proved listening to music eased a  patients’ anxiety, reduced pain and lessened the need for pain medication.”

Music as an aid for postoperative recovery in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Jenny Hole, MBBS; Martin Hirsch, MBBS; Elizabeth Ball, PhD; Catherine Meads, PhD – Brunel University London & Queen Mary University of London.

MediMusic’s fingerprinting algorithms scientifically mimic the human brain’s response to individual music tracks.

Within a couple of clicks personalised playlists are auto-created that cause a positive physiological and emotional response.

By using an optional heart rate monitor our Artificial Intelligence-driven Digital Drip™ analyses a listener’s physiological response to the playlist tracks.

The  Digital Drip knows what that response should be. If the heart rate falls outside of the expected threshold subsequent tracks are swapped out in real-time to bring the heart rate back in line.

The resulting data is captured by the Digital Drip for future use by a machine learning process to refine subsequent playlist creation.


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Our MediBeat music player and modular bio feedback units are designed to optimise the benefit of MediMusic.

Our collective scientific knowledge of maths, physics, sociology, psychology, neurology and physiology along with music, enables us to deliver a service that addresses the need to reduce anxiety and pain across a wide range of healthcare issues – including dementia, pre/post operation, chronic pain, dentistry, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Autism through to improving motor response as part of a physical rehabilitation programme.

auto-create playlists

in 2 clicks...

  • Knowledge of listener’s musical taste not required. Proprietary algorithmic process based on scientific sociology and psychology studies.
  • Multiple playlists created in seconds from fingerprinted catalogue.
  • Genre, artist, and track edit options.
  • Playlist running order designed to reduce heart-rate and bad hormones and promote good ones.

Digital Drip™

If using a wearable to measure Heart Rate Variability, our Digital Drip component dynamically monitors a listener’s response to the music and if the HRV is not as we predict subsequent tracks are swapped out to bring the heart rate down faster or in slower steps depending on use case.

workflow compliant app

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Integrates with our HRV monitor
  • Dovetails into multiple existing workflow practices
  • Features standard pain and anxiety scales
  • Customisable Patient Specific Functional Scale
  • All data captured and presented as KPIs

full KPI reporting

  • Evidence based
  • Use case specific
  • Patient benefit defined
  • Medication cost saving illustrated
  • Weekly email summary

end-to-end service

  • Multiple hardware options
  • Bespoke music player, Amazon alexa or smartphone app
  • Bone conducting headphones
  • Waterproof headphones for ventilator use
  • Monthly per user subscription