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Effects of Music on the Brain


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Music provides us with a melody that connects our current culture to that of our ancestors. It provides us with a tool that can increase focus, inspire harder work, or chase a dream. We often use music to share our love with family and friends. It can be used to communicate any emotional state, including anger, as a way to draw closer to others or cope with challenging feelings.

Every culture in the recorded history of humanity incorporated music in their lives in some way. Even tribes isolated from the rest of the world developed their own melodies as a way to embrace spirituality, celebrate life events, or create oral traditions.

With over 55,000 years of exposure to music, the human brain has evolved in such a way that the audio frequencies we encounter can create specific and immediate improvements in our lives. The benefits that we receive from music are numerous. Many of them occur without us thinking about what the sounds and melodies are doing. Are you ready to see how music creates positive impacts on your life every day?

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