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Music and Dementia

It is now accepted that music brings a huge benefit to not only those with dementia, but a resulting benefit to their loved ones and care staff. The Sean O’Malley case study is a compelling example of how music can make a huge difference.

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Can Music Really Be a Benefit to Health?

1 February, 2024
Discover how music evolves from art to medicine, offering groundbreaking benefits in healthcare, from mental health to pain relief. A new era of medicinal music awaits.

The Benefits Of Music On Our Mind, Culture, & Relationships

1 January, 2022
Dive into how music enriches our minds, culture, and bonds. Discover the unexpected ways tunes can improve our lives and relationships.

Music ‘just as effective’ as drugs for calming nerves before surgery

4 December, 2021
Music rivals medication for pre-surgery anxiety relief, a groundbreaking study reveals. Explore how melodies can soothe nerves as effectively as drugs.

My Mental Health: 17 popstars talk about their struggles with mental illness

5 November, 2021
In Mental Health Awareness Week, 17 popstars share their mental health journeys, shedding light on the fight against stigma and discrimination.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

14 April, 2021
Discover the healing power of music therapy in PTSD treatment. A guide to understanding and aiding recovery through the harmony of music.

Music – Art of Muses

7 April, 2021
Journey through the art of the muses – music, and its therapeutic impact on health. Discover music therapy's role in modern medical settings.

1 in 6 Children in England Struggle with Mental Health Disorders

29 March, 2021
A revealing study shows 1 in 6 children in England struggle with mental health disorders. Learn about the factors and potential solutions in our latest insights.

Music-Based Interventions in Paediatric and Adolescents Oncology Patients: A Systematic Review

17 March, 2021
Discover how music therapy aids pediatric oncology patients, reducing anxiety and improving quality of life. A systematic review reveals transformative effects.

Impact of music on anxiety and pain perception among men undergoing prostate biopsy: Synthesis of qualitative literature

12 March, 2021
Exploring music's role in easing anxiety and pain during prostate biopsies. A mini-review on how melodies enhance patient comfort and care in urology.

Is music a language?

11 March, 2021
Exploring the debate: Is music a language? Dive into the linguistic aspects of melodies and how they parallel traditional communication forms.

Music is a universal language, new Harvard University study proves

2 March, 2021
Harvard University's study unveils music as a universal language, decipherable across cultures. Learn how melodies speak to us all in our newest insights.

10 songs scientifically proven to make you happy

1 March, 2021
Dr. Jacob Jolij reveals 10 songs scientifically proven to uplift your mood. Discover the neuroscience behind music's positive impact on the brain.

How Music Can Influence the Body: Perspectives From Current Research

28 February, 2021
Explore current research on music's dual role as a body stimulant and relaxant. Discover how tunes affect our health and well-being in profound ways.

A systematic review of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of sensory, psychological and behavioural interventions for managing agitation in older adults with dementia

25 February, 2021
A systematic review highlights effective and cost-efficient non-pharmacological methods for managing agitation in dementia patients.

Music therapy in the treatment and management of mental disorders

22 February, 2021
Explore how music therapy is enhancing mental disorder treatments, offering new hope and strategies.

Original Report Music Modulation of Pain Perception and Pain-Related Activity in the Brain, Brain Stem, and Spinal Cord: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

20 February, 2021
Groundbreaking study reveals how music modifies pain perception and brain responses, providing insights into music’s role as a natural pain reliever.

11 Beautiful Oliver Sacks Quotes That Capture the Power of Music

19 February, 2021
Delve into Oliver Sacks' profound understanding of music's role in human life with 11 inspiring quotes that capture its essence and power.

Melody Processing Characterizes Functional Neuroanatomy in the Aging Brain

18 February, 2021
Gain insights into the aging brain's response to melody, revealing complex neuroanatomical interactions. A captivating exploration of melody's role in brain function.

Study shows that music can rewire the brain

14 February, 2021
Music isn’t just art; it’s a brain changer! Discover how learning an instrument can rewire your brain for better communication, as revealed in a recent Finnish study.

Music and pattern change in chronic pain

13 February, 2021
Music isn't just for enjoyment; it's a pain reliever too! A study revealing music's power to transform chronic pain perception in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Study: Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer’s and dementia

11 February, 2021
Unlocking the power of music in the fight against Alzheimer's: Discover how melodies can awaken memories and provide a respite from dementia.

15 Amazing Effects Music Has On Your Health (Backed By Science)

8 February, 2021
Explore how music's harmony boosts health! From stress relief to improved memory, discover 15 science-backed benefits of listening to music.

The therapeutic use of music for cancer-related pain

6 February, 2021
Music therapy offers a soothing touch for cancer pain. Personalised playlists bring comfort, showing music's profound impact on pain relief.

Keep Your Brain Young with Music

5 February, 2021
Keep your brain youthful and active with the power of music. Engaging and stimulating, music is a natural workout for your mind.

The Effects of Music on Bathing Cooperation for Residents with Dementia

4 February, 2021
Music therapy shows promise in easing bathing challenges for dementia patients, fostering cooperation and enhancing care experiences.

The effects of playing music during surgery on the performance of the surgical team: A systematic review

30 January, 2021
Music in operating theatres can potentially enhance surgical team performance, as revealed in a detailed systematic review.

How The Brain Teases Apart A Song’s Words And Music

28 January, 2021
Our brains remarkably distinguish between a song's lyrics and melody, a feat that scientists are beginning to understand more deeply.

The Effects of Music on Pain: A Meta-Analysis

26 January, 2021
Recent comprehensive studies illuminate music’s profound ability to alleviate pain, shedding light on its therapeutic potential.

Music and Pain Relief

22 January, 2021
Discover the melody of pain relief through music therapy. Understand its impact on mind and body, offering a natural and soothing approach to managing pain.

20 Surprising, Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music

22 January, 2021
Experience the symphony of health with music. Discover 20 science-backed benefits that uplift both body and mind, harmonising health and happiness.

Lost in music: Why listening to favourite songs can have long term medical benefits

20 January, 2021
Learn how your favourite tunes can offer stress relief and potentially aid in long-term mental well-being.

An overview of the use of music therapy in the context of Alzheimer’s disease: a report of a French expert group

15 January, 2021
Discover how music therapy is shaping Alzheimer’s care in France, providing new insights and techniques for patient well-being.

The effects of music listening interventions on cognition and mood post-stroke: a systematic review

13 January, 2021
Music listening shows promise in enhancing cognitive abilities and mood recovery after a stroke, as revealed in a detailed systematic review.

Positive physical and mental outcomes for residents in nursing facilities using music: a systematic review

12 January, 2021
Music therapy offers a profound impact on physical and mental well-being in nursing facilities, improving quality of life significantly.

Music And The Brain

11 January, 2021
Music's deep roots in human culture are reflected in its powerful impact on brain function and emotional processing.

Music listening alleviates anxiety and physiological responses in patients receiving spinal anesthesia

10 January, 2021
Music’s soothing effect extends to spinal anaesthesia patients, reducing anxiety and physiological stress during procedures.

The Power Of Music — Music is More Powerful Than Pain

9 January, 2021
Music transcends mere entertainment; it’s a potent pain and anxiety reliever for surgical patients.
Music and the Brain [Effects of Music on the Brain]

Effects of Music on the Brain

6 January, 2021
Discover how music shapes our brains and enriches our daily lives, from boosting focus to nurturing emotional well-being.

Receptive Music Therapy Is More Effective than Interactive Music Therapy to Relieve Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

5 January, 2021
Discover how receptive music therapy outperforms interactive methods in easing dementia symptoms

Music Stimulates Emotions Through Specific Brain Circuits

5 January, 2021
Discover the power of music on emotions and brain circuitry with Jon Lieff, MD. A journey into the science of music's emotional resonance.

Music, Rhythm, and the Brain

4 January, 2021
Delve into the profound connection between music, rhythm, and the brain with Passion Jun, MD. Discover music's emotional and cultural power.
This is your brain on music

This is your brain on music

20 December, 2020
Uncover the mysteries of how music impacts the brain, featuring insights from psychologist Daniel Levitin and latest studies.

Music listening after stroke: beneficial effects and potential neural mechanisms

19 December, 2020
Explore how music aids stroke recovery – delving into its emotional, cognitive, and motor benefits and the brain's response.
The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does To Our Brains

The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does To Our Brains

18 December, 2020
Unveil the hidden power of music on our brains with Belle Beth Cooper. Discover fascinating insights into music's unnoticed influence.

43% Of Younger People ‘Not Taking Steps’ To Protect Against Dementia

17 December, 2020
Discover why 43% of young Scots neglect dementia prevention steps and how early lifestyle changes can make a difference.

Children Listening to Music or Watching Cartoons During ER Procedures: A RCT

17 December, 2020
Exploring the impact of music and cartoons for children in the ER – a study on pain distraction and distress reduction.

Overture for growth hormone: requiem for interleukin-6?

17 December, 2020
Explore the groundbreaking study on music therapy's effect on growth hormone and interleukin-6 in critically ill patients.