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Scientifically prescribing music as a digital therapeutic to benefit anxiety, pain, cognitive impairment and mental health

Music has been proven to reduce anxiety by up to 44%, pain by 29% and a resulting reduction in the need for relevant drugs by 24%.

MediBeat® music player with Digital Drip®

Our MediBeat music player* and modular bio feedback units are designed to optimise the benefit of MediMusic.

If using a wearable to measure Heart Rate Variability, our Digital Drip component dynamically monitors a listener’s response to the music and if the HRV is not as we predict subsequent tracks are swapped out to bring the heart rate down faster or in slower steps depending on use case.

Full KPI reporting

  • Evidence based
  • Use case specific
  • Patient benefit defined
  • Medication cost saving illustrated
  • Weekly email summary
MediMusic music player on an apple desktop monitor
MediMusic headphone devices on a hospital wall with an ipad showing data

MediMusic’s B2B service for Music Therapists

  • Hardware agnostic – supplied pre-configured
  • Android & iOS app
  • Bone conducting headphones
  • Waterproof headphones for ventilator use
  • Monthly per user subscription

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